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Mesostructured Inorganic Materials


Mesoporous silicas and metal oxides possess small pores in the range of 2-50 nm and consequently high surface areas up to 1000 m2/g. The size of the mesopores can be tuned and arranged in a controlled, periodic arrangement by using appropriate templates. Block-co-polymers and surfactants are most often used as templates to generate mesoporous silica and metal oxides, but recently also nanocasting procedures, replicating one hard mesoporous structure into another have found extensive application for the preparation of mesoporous materials with novel compositions. Such mesostructured materials can exhibit valuable functionalities, when for example the silica surface is covered with organic compounds or by preparing pure mesoporous metal oxides, exhibiting for example (semi)conductivity, magnetism, photoluminescence or catalytic activity. We are aiming at the preparation of such mesoporous materials with novel compositions and thus novel properties and applications. Furthermore, pathways towards the preparation of mesoporous materials with improved porous architectures or morphologies for a certain application are investigated.

Relevant Publications

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